Inclusive Policies are Necessary to Honor the Contributions and Interdependence of America’s Diverse Populations

Abraham Lincoln once said that he was “in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” This and so many biased statements from America’s presidents and Founding Fathers in early history, reveal their primitive prejudices and the subjective nature of their thinking — in other words, they were human. Just like the nation’s primary means of transportation has evolved from horse-drawn carriages to fancy cars with engines, our combined social, psychological and emotional evolution is due for a serious tune up — on individual and collective levels.

We need to put into perspective the intellectual and personal blindspots of people who were placed on a pedestal as ultimate visionaries. We can now see their very real limitations — and how these impacted political decisions — in hindsight. That means recognizing the idiocy of ideas like suggesting that whole human beings (who clearly have autonomous bodies, minds and souls) can be realistically labeled as 3/5-ths human. All American leaders past and present were flawed — just like diverse human beings today. Imperfection does not require discounting all the positive things people have done even when we must assess accountability for historical wrongs.

Systemic changes are necessary for greater inclusive and more equitable distribution of resources. We know that historically, the systemic oppression of entire populations is rooted in decisions made mostly by white men in authority roles. Politics has long supported racist and sexist ideologies to justify the status quo of socioeconomic inequality. How capitalism is practiced creates major barriers to upward mobility and diminishes options for quality of life among those most marginalized. The reliance on surface and shallow differences to devalue human beings overlooks the true range of abilities among diverse people who contribute to society. Populations that have been exploited need to prevent themselves from being manipulated in ways that reinforce division, and work toward electing officials who will support policies on behalf of the common good. There is no reason widespread poverty should exist. Basic human needs for food and shelter can be met in a nation of prosperity, when resources are used well rather than wasted.

We have opportunity to be more inclusive moving forward. Part of this demands that we stop acting as if all views supported by white Founders should guide us on important issues today. Plenty of people of color and women who had a place in shaping history were not credited for their roles, but offered solutions to help correct systemic mistakes. We can build upon their insights to expand awareness and stop going in circles. It should be a done deal in our minds that no one is inherently superior in all areas, nor inferior in all ways. This certainly is validated by objective evidence across demographic groups showing the range of individuals with varying talents and capabilities.

Let us celebrate the hard-won Emotional Emancipation of conscious people — POC and women who do not allow themselves to be defined (they claim their own agency, a source of internal strength and guidance) — despite living in a system that promotes white and male domination with concentrated power to control resources. The intrusion of past lies can no longer be acceptable if America is to progress by no longer enforcing a delusional human hierarchy of worth based on skin color and gender. Let’s embrace and celebrate our glorious interdependence. We all benefit from the contributions of others.

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Social Entrepreneur, Activist, Psychotherapist and Writer/Editor. With Clarity that Gratitude and Decency Truly Matter.

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