You Can Learn to Reject the Misery and Mayhem from Living Racist Lies

White America needs to answer for itself why so many among them remain fear-based, insecure or miserable despite surface trappings of success through material comforts and pseudo-supremacy beliefs. Anyone paying attention should have a clue. Living on a foundation of lies can destroy the human spirit, leaving people empty inside in ways that distort reality and compromise substance.

Blacks and other people of color have been socialized to accept racist premises as well, which cause harm to themselves and others. No one has been untouched by the lies that dehumanize and cause damage to diverse humanity. To have meaning from life itself, becoming authentic is key, and this requires facing basic truths about how people have been programmed to accept false beliefs about themselves and others based on skin color, etc.

The next online anti-racism group that I facilitate as part of a Fall 2020 series of 6 educational/discussion sessions, is coming up. The topic will be “Identity Matters — The Personal & Political.” It is scheduled for Saturday, September 12 from 12 to 3 pm central time. See the 1-pg. flyer below for how to register (bottom, left-hand corner). If you are interested in a self-study option for the entire program or want to learn how to provide these programs to people in your local community, contact me here or via Facebook messenger. Serious inquiries only. You can download the flyer to share this information.

Dates for the full Fall 2020 anti-racism series offered by Healing From Racism Programs, are listed below. Most sessions will meet every other week, all held on a Saturday, online from 12 to 3 pm central time:

1 — Past & Present: U.S. History and Culture — August 29

2 — Identity Matters — The Personal & Political — September 12

3 — The Impact of Racism on Mental Health — September 26

4 — The Role of Religion in Promoting Racism — October 10

5 — Systemic Issues and Psychosocial Influences — October 24

6 — Effective Activism & Social Justice Solutions — October 31.

The last session is being held at the end of October 2020, and this schedule for Fall is the final one for the year. Future educational sessions offered to the general public will be determined after U.S. elections in November, 2020.

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